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The introduction of Adidas

First, the introduction of Adidas
Adidas is a German sporting goods manufacturer. Adidas is named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dasler. Adidas clothing and sports shoes design can usually see three parallel bar  in its logo can also be seen 3 3 bar is Adidas characteristics. Adidas is currently in the sporting goods market share followed by “Nike” followed by the second. Adidas trademark is a slogan is “no impossible”.
Second, Adidas and the Olympic Games
Adidas was originally involved in the Olympic marketing quite legendary. In 1928, Adi Dassler learned of the news of the Amsterdam Olympics in the Netherlands, and brought the hand-stitched sample shoes to Amsterdam for sale. At that time his idea is very simple as long as there are enough athletes in the Olympic Games to wear his shoes, by virtue of “Adidas” shoes quality will make the world certainly his products. The young master of the success of the workshop, in his efforts to lobby, Adidas running shoes finally become the Olympic Games game shoes, and Olympic athletes with people talked about. 8 years later Adidas seize the Olympic Games held in the native Berlin opportunity to carry out a classic spread later into the history of Olympic marketing. Before the Berlin Olympic Games, Adi found a great hope to win the famous American sprinter Jessie Owens  fully recommend him to try Adidas spikes. This try to let Owens get treasure. Finally, he wore Adidas spike with four Olympic gold medal allowed to shock the world. Adidas is also famous for five continents. Adidas sponsored the history of the Olympic Games for nearly 80 years and the Olympic marketing has a long history and unique complex. Olympic marketing has always been Adidas the most favorable killer “with the Olympic marketing.” Adidas quickly grow into one of the world’s most successful sporting goods companies. So the Olympic Games and Adidas interaction, mutual influence.

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Third, the success of Adidas factors
Adi Wang’s success has its own reasons, from two aspects: First, Adi Wang at the beginning of the establishment of their own brand for the correct positioning of their audience positioning and channels sink to the three or four lines Market, this market is not too sensitive to the awareness of sports brands, consumers pay more attention to the price, the second is the quality of the product. Adi Wang’s own quality also
There is no guarantee at all, and Adi Wang than other domestic sports brands cheaper, so Adi Wang soon occupied the market. On the other hand, Adi’s alternative marketing approach also created its success, which should be attributed to the younger generation of consumers anti-traditional concept of consumption. Adi Wang saw the opportunity to choose a very risky network marketing strategy. Is not the market already tired of it? Then we try to trial ugly marketing, it directly tells the consumer, I was cottage, very direct. It allows our consumers, especially the consumption of this brand, this price level of consumers have a sense of resonance. I think the reason for the success of Adi Wang is basically these two aspects.
Fourth, Adidas and Nike comparison and reference
Adidas from the history of the point of view, it is the first to launch the production of outsourcing footwear company. Their production companies are located in mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Latin America. Marketing is one of Adidas’s two core strategies. Now their supply chain uses three different types of suppliers, including contractors, subcontractors and local raw materials companies. Their outsourcing strategy is critical to the success of the group and is imitated by the whole field. This strategy can shift risk, reduce labor costs and focus on Adidas’s core strategy marketing and research and development.
As one of the core competencies of Adidas Nike, marketing is not only advertising, but also attract and retain customers. The marketing strategy adopted by the Nike marketing team always reflects public opinion. In the 20th century, 80 to 90 years of most of the period, professional athletes were like a hero worship, so Nike invested a lot of money, please successful, charismatic well-known athletes for the product endorsement.
Nike’s competitive advantage: in the production process, from the 20th century, 70 years later, Nike put the manufacturing sector outsourcing to many Asian countries. On the other hand, in the sale, this “futures” orders plan to allow retailers ahead of 5 to 6 months in advance to set the transport guarantee, to ensure that 90% of the order will be determined at a certain time to arrive at a certain price. Now, Nike has three sales channels: retailers, Nike City and e-commerce. Nike City was founded in the 20th century, 90 years, show Nike’s latest or most innovative product line, in the main road advertising, Nike City is not so much a sales channel, as it is a marketing tool. E-commerce began in the 90’s, Nike also allows other network companies to sell their products. E-commerce strategy to Nike re-ignited the direct relationship with the consumer.
Adi’s Leadership: Marketing is one of Adidas’s two core strategies. In addition to marketing, research and development is another core strategy of Adidas. They set up a new team of yeezys technological innovation, each year at least put a big innovation. In 2003, Adidas established a “mass custom” system, according to the customer’s foot different circumstances, personal preferences and requirements of the design of special shoes, the leader of the advantages of Adidas in this area in the first place.
We can see that the market strategy to change with the preferences of consumers. Rapid response to changes in the market, it is to maintain the footwear market in the core competitiveness of the magic weapon.

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Five, the existence of their own factors
Can clearly clear the reasons for the introduction of Adidas bad decision-making and this decision at the time conditions will bring such serious consequences:
1. Internal advantages: Adidas because of stick to their own competitive advantage (dare to test in materials and technology), and contempt for the development of organizational environment changes (consumer preferences lead to recognition of different functional shoes), automatically give up the market The yeezys 350 direction of the development of consumer demand (running shoes market).
2. Internal weakness: Adidas management authorities obsessed with the original business philosophy, the lack of flexible and flexible leadership; Adidas organization lack of grasp of the market, the collection of market information function. Threats: ignore the competitive direction of competitors’ competitive strategy (sandwich biscuits soles), and the competitive advantage of competitors (research and development team grows, research and development projects are rich and colorful, close to 300 athletes try to test, and the use of fake yeezys materials constantly Bold experimentation and research) Opportunity: to reflect the changes in the environment: the rise of health movement itself is a commercial wind direction of the beginning. And for the 1970s a large number of new entrants are also lack of analysis. Especially in the Oregon trials Nike’s protests still failed to wake up the management of Adidas strategic adjustment. 90 years of fashion shoes is the second time the market sent the opportunity signal. Therefore, the Adidas management authorities should be based on the original advantages, the first of the enterprise’s strategy to make major adjustments, in line with changes in consumer preferences, the development of diversified product market. Second, strengthen the staff team building, human resources training, recruiting specially experienced personnel engaged in market information collection and analysis work. Finally, to re-establish the innovative corporate culture, to give up the original in the replica yeezys market leader in the proud attitude, so that the whole organization followed the context of environmental changes.

Adidas manufactures fashion and lifestyle products

You can well recognize the long distance Adidas Originals product from its logo. Three stripes sign, you know it is not Adidas. In fact, you can often find celebrities and famous sports personality with T-shirts and shoes with three big events. Adidas products are very popular, for the wearer to provide a high level of comfort. In addition to providing comfort, Adidas manufacturers also believe that the product is stylish and stylish.
City fashion fans like Adidas Originals fashion series, hip hop and Britpop community find it particularly attractive. In the Adidas fashion series, there are many accessories, fashion-oriented, rather than sports requirements: retro shoulder bag, digital watches, socks, suits; these can be obtained from the Adidas Originals series.
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Hip-hop style has grown significantly in recent years. If you want to create a hip hop style, Adidas Originals is your brand. The brand is the name of the manufacturing sportswear. In addition to providing sportswear to its potential customers, Adidas also manufactures fashion and lifestyle products such as handbags, eyeglasses, body sprays, shoes ,replcia yeezy boost and so on.
When it comes to Adidas’ hat, you really need to stop looking at other places. Adidas hat is great, especially if you are an athlete. Adidas hat to block the sun’s rays, to help the sun, Adidas hat also help to absorb most people in the play when the sweat. Adidas hat is sporty, so most of the hat with some sports team’s name.

They are still behind the hat to provide adjustable buttons to help accommodate each purchase of people. It is very useful, especially when you realize how many people in this world have bigger or smaller heads than you. The last thing you want to worry about when you play golf is your hat off. You want to focus more replica yeezy boost 350 on the swing of our club than to put your hat as it gets out of your head because it is too big and poorly assembled.
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Many sports people like Adidas brand; you only need to view their advertising items, even the highest level of athletes also agree Adidas fake yeezys brand. To a certain extent, this is because Adidas celebrates sports, such as sports figures, who pay tribute to the favorite athletes by developing the clothes named after the world’s greatest athletes. For example, Adidas Beckenbauer’s top event was a tribute to Franz Beckenbauer, the German awesome player, who was in 1966, 1970, and 1974 Play in the World Cup.

Adidas brand collection includes many items

Adidas original sports shoes, Adidas gazelle, Adidas Samba and footwear trainer! The series also show off the omnipotent unparalleled footwear. This is replica yeezys what we are talking about Adidas!
Looks good with a pair of jeans:

Adidas is the best seller of some big dad, that is, indoor tennis trainer, except for several other. From Adidas, clothing series and footwear accessories can fit to suit any character. The brand of high quality footwear can be worn in any casual occasion, looks great, a pair of jeans. The two main features include three areas of glial outsole, providing excellent control and traction. Adidas fake yeezys original sports shoes, Adidas gazelle, Adidas Samba and footwear trainer has been Adidas brand appearance.

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Adidas retro clothing in recent years has fake yeezy 350 become a much sought after brand, especially since Adidas Originals franchise since opening, first in the United States, then South Korea, but has quickly become a global phenomenon, online access to a special success clothing market. Adidas began manufacturing the originals series more than 10 years ago, when they realized that there was a great demand for retro clothing.

They are sure to conquer the sporty retro niche market, which continues to dominate today, and surprisingly, Adidas Beckenbauer’s coach is particularly popular because of the quality of the Adidas Beckenbauer trainer. This type knock off replica yeezy boost coach has a classic Adidas style, in fact, if you ask most people to draw a picture of what they think is Adidas brand iconic coach, then Adidas Beckenbauer is the most people will draw the shoes The
Adidas trainer proved very replica yeezys popular, in a short period of time, Adi Dassler’s company produced more than 100 pairs of trainers every day – this is a new company’s feat. In the late 1930s, the Adidas brand began to replica yeezys extend its range of goods; they began to create trainers specifically designed for certain sports designs. For example, they started making tennis shoes, skates and golf.

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Adidas brand involved in a wider range of sports training and celebration, Horst Dassler founded the “international sports culture and leisure.”

Adidas was the first store in the United States and South Korea opened the door, in 2000 returned to the previous Adidas clothing style. Today, Adidas Originals continues to be very popular with fashion.